Plaster Frames

Plaster Frames

Plaster frames provide a straight and leveled surface for product installation. They allow for use of new lay-in diffusers and linear plenums with flex connections. Installation is quick and simple and provides a professional seamless finish to the ceiling fixture being installed. Plaster frames further allows additional time for the final installation of air outlet or light fixtures independent of the final ceiling construction, painted or finished. One major advantage of plaster frames is that the lay-in fixture will permit access to the ceiling for maintenance or inspection without having to install a separate access door. They also permit easy removal and replacement of the air outlets or light fixtures. 

L/Arden manufactures three varieties of plaster frames including:

• Straight Mount Plaster Frames (SMPF)
• Conceal Mount Plaster Frames (CMPF)
• Offset Mount Plaster Frames (OMPF)

Note: All varieties of L/Arden plaster frames are made from a light weight aluminum extrusion with a white painted finish. Custom frame sizes and colors are also available. 

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